Get in shape in 2017 with Tamworth Boxing

If you’re looking for a new all-round fitness regime in 2017, you might want to consider boxing. Boxing training provides some of the best all over body conditioning available, no matter what your age or level of ability.

Boxing training is great for improving health and getting in shape. It boosts strength, stamina, co-ordination and balance, while providing a high level cardiovascular workout.

Tamworth Boxing is one of the best facilities in the country, offering a range of sessions to help people improve their overall fitness – whether they want to compete in the sport or not.

Members can take part in training sessions and get all the benefits of boxing purely for fitness, without sparring, if they choose to.

The club will also be relaunching its women’s-only fitness boxing sessions in the New Year, which focus purely on boxing and circuits for weight loss and conditioning. In all other sessions, members will learn technique as well as muscle strength and conditioning, core stability, co-ordination, balance and endurance.

Here are some of the main benefits of boxing for fitness:

Improved cardiovascular health

Cardio workouts are important for burning calories and improving overall health. However, jumping on the treadmill or pounding the streets for miles can become very boring very quickly and soon lose effectiveness as your body adjusts to the pace. Boxing is the perfect workout for improved cardiovascular health. Due to the high-intensity interval training nature, it works as both an aerobic and anaerobic workout, which will build more strength, speed and power, while boosting your metabolism. You can therefore burn more calories in less time when compared with steady-state exercises, such as running.

Total body strength

Boxing training includes lots of strength and conditioning moves, such as running, kicking, jumping, agility and core. Building muscle is key to changing your overall body shape. Muscle burns fat and the more muscle you have, the less fat you will have, so any activities which build muscle are key to achieving weight loss goals.

Improved co-ordination

Boxing hones all your abilities of balance, stability and co-ordination. You’ll gain quicker reflexes and reaction times and improved hand-eye co-ordination. Good physical co-ordination is especially important during the ageing process.

Relieve stress

Most forms of physical activity boost endorphins to make you feel happier, improve sleep and reduce stress. Boxing is probably the ultimate stress-relieving exercise. As well completely taking your mind off any worries for a good hour, boxing also lets you focus your frustrations on the punching bag, making you feel more relaxed by the time you leave the gym. This is a great boost to your overall wellbeing.

Tamworth Boxing offers sessions for all ages and fitness levels, in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Sessions are structured to ensure you get the maximum from your hour. There are no start-up costs, all equipment can be borrowed, and members pay per session.

Contact us now to get in shape for 2017.