Alan Keast
Head Coach
"A level 4 coach and has been with the club since 1980. During his coaching career he has coached International Teams for both England and GB Boxing."
Mark Coggan
Level 2
"Has had over 20 bouts for the club as a Junior and joined the coaching staff in 2000. Now a level 2 coach and brings a very technically aspect to the coaching sessions"
Tony Nicholls
Level 2
"Started his coaching in 2016 and is a level 2 coach. He works well with the Youth and Senior boxers and is always looking for innovative and adaptable ways of development"
Ian Seagrave
Level 2
"Started coaching in 2009 and is a level 2 coach. He has been heavily involved in the development of the club and has a unique sense of humour with the School and junior members"
PJ Boyle
Level 2
"Had over 15 Bouts for the club as senior, joined the coaching staff in 1999. His coaching style brings a much needed raw edge and demands the commitment of hard work and dedication. "
Trish Nicholson
Level 2
"One of our longest continuous serving coaches. She has a no-nonsense approach to coaching but also brings a firm style that works well with the School's sessions. "
Steve Brown
Level 2
"He first joined the coaching staff in 2001. He is a level 2 coach and brings a calming style of coaching to the team, builds brilliant relationships with the school and junior sections of the club."
Cat Webber
Level 2
"Started coaching in 2015, moving to the Tamworth coaching team in 2017. She works well with the younger boxers keeping their session fun and enjoyable. "
Wayne Hadland
Level 2
"Been in and around the club for many years, finally joining the coaching team in 2016. He is a level 2 coach who predominantly works with our seniors and provides solid techniques when delivering sessions."
Ben Lynch
Level 1
"He joined the the club in 2012 and has been part of the coaching staff since 2018, passing his level 1 in 2019. A great coach in the making."
Reiss Davies 
Level 2
"Has had around 25 bouts for the club, starting as a school boy competing through to senior level. He is a level 2 coach and shows a lot of potential to go far as a coach."
Chris Davies
Level 1 
"He first coached for Tamworth in 2000 and has recently returned to coaching. He has a lot of experience to share and wants to develop skills in our squad."
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