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"It is indeed an honour to be asked to pen this foreword for CornerPost Education’s website. Our relationship with the club started 41 years ago, when we first became aware of the club’s purpose and activities through a boxing match hosted by Tamworth Roundtable. Since then, we have worked on numerous collaborations and partnerships with the club. These include direct sponsorship deals and fund raising activities that have helped them build better facilities and add more capabilities as well as provide mentoring and advice to continue driving the club forward. Beyond financial support, we have also hosted numerous boxing matches at our theme park and organised various events involving our staff, corporate partners and suppliers that have raised awareness about the club’s activities. Throughout this long-standing partnership, we have been delighted to watch the club grow from strength to strength; playing a phenomenal role in the community by inspiring young people to embrace sports. Today, boxing is no longer just a hobby for these young people. It has become a means to build their confidence, improve their physical health, enhance their social skills and most importantly, drive their future aspirations. As the club looks ahead into the coming year, I am confident that it will continue to support vulnerable young people to embrace their self-worth, discover a sense of belonging and attain the respect and acceptance that they deserve. At Drayton Manor Park and Hotel, we believe in injecting some fun and excitement into the lives of young people, regardless of interest or capabilities. I believe that CornerPost Education has been instrumental in providing the same and I look forward to the club’s continuing positive impact on the sport of boxing and the local community."
Colin Bryan
Drayton Manor Theme Park
"It is a privilege to be asked to write the Foreword for the 2016 Corner Post website. During my time as a Member of Parliament, Corner Post has gone from strength to strength combining boxing activity with work within the local community; supporting vulnerable young people and providing education to youngsters who have been permanently excluded from school, or who are at risk of being excluded. It’s great to see the club achieving so much success in boxing, helping to put Tamworth on the map, and giving so much back to the community.Last year my colleagues in Parliament published a report ‘THE RIGHT HOOK’ which highlighted the importance of boxing and the positive influences that it can bring to young people. The influence of coaching, the appeal of combat, the inherent focus on control, discipline and hard work and the sociable environment of the gym all combine to make boxing a powerful tool to engage some of the hardest to reach individuals. I welcome this report and fully support the positive impact that the sport of boxing is having in Tamworth. I would like to pay special tribute to all the volunteers who have supported Corner Post over the years and local benefactors such Colin Bryan, Chairman of Drayton Manor Theme Park whose passionate support and promotion has enabled the club to grow. "
MP Chris Pincher
MP for Tamworth
Member of Parliament 

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