British Values

At CornerPost Education Centre we are committed to the promotion of British Values:


Children are encouraged to have their say about the environment and curriculum at the CEC. From time to time, it is important to enable children to have a vote where there is more than one appropriate option, and relate the decision to fairness.

Rule of Law

Whenever appropriate to do so, children are reminded about British laws. Pupils are encouraged to consider the impact of following laws and the contrary. Within the CEC, children are expected to follow the rules and explanations of the rules are given within the context of pupils’ health and safety, and the well-being of other people.

Individual Liberty

Children at CEC are encouraged to make informed choices and to express their opinions or concerns. They are given freedom to select activities or express preferences for areas of study within the context of taking some responsibility. From time to time, children talk about their rights and freedoms and why some people may have these removed temporarily.

Mutual Respect

Some key celebrations are the focus of learning at CEC, and how these are important to some people. Each child and adult is important at CEC, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or disability. Successes are celebrated daily and all children are expected to participate in a positive approach.


Pupils’ uniqueness is celebrated at CEC. Pupils have a range of life experiences, including their ethnicity. A strong ethos of showing an interest in each other is maintained by frequent review opportunities. The wide mix of ages at CEC provides opportunities for tolerance to be shown towards each other. This is sometimes in the form of help with small tasks for children with a disability, or encouragement for less confident peers.

The commitment to British Values underpins the important work done at CornerPost Education Centre. Any challenge, including undermining, to this commitment will be addressed immediately.

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