Mission Statement

Our mission is to reduce exclusions for primary aged children. Our aim is to support them back into mainstream education or a specialist provision suitable for their needs.

 Our mechanism for change is using the ethos of sport, there is no such thing as talent just levels of hard work – another words there is no shortcut.

We use coaching techniques and strategies to engage, develop and build strong relationships with individuals to promote permanent change in pupil’s confidence, self-esteem, and resilience.

Pupils learn to challenge themselves – learn that failing is part of life and the learning process. We support pupils understand their emotions, why they feel like they do and how to respond to their emotions in an appropriate way.

By pupils understanding their emotions and how to deal with their feelings, they begin to understand that success requires hard work and dedication to achieve positive outcomes. This then begins a process of re-engaging in the enjoyment of learning.

Everyone is an individual and have different starting points, but this does not predict where we finish. CornerPost believe that every pupil can succeed with the right support.  Staff support pupils on how to develop their own strategies to enable them to cope in a mainstream environment and life skills they need to become positive and contributing members of the community.

Our success in supporting pupils back into education is greatly increased with our close working relationship with the schools and other professional services.

CornerPost provides a specific programme of work to support pupils individually, helping them achieve a positive outcome. We view the return into mainstream education as the ultimate reward.  

Family - Respect - Loyalty - Responsibility -Commitment - Integrity - Excellence