The Corner Post Education Centre opened in the Olympic year 2012. The venue is in the centre of Tamworth providing easy access to all our families whether they are using public or private transport. Our relocation was necessary due to burgeoning membership and the highly successful diversification of services and sessions we were providing. A significant part of this was the very successful alternative education programmes we designed and developed in 2010.


Ingrained in the “Values” of The CornerPost Education Centre is the experience and skills that staff have from years of working with the most vulnerable children in our society. These values are underpinned by experienced of staff working in special needs schools and at pupil referral units were utilising the ethos of boxing to engage with the hardest to reach students has been proven and been delivered successfully. The aim at The CornerPost Education Centre was to build on this experience and to develop and fully utilise the structure and disciplines of boxing alongside education for high school students. To date, we have supported students gain an incredible xxx qualifications.


Through our continued ongoing success with high schools and partnerships with education providers and schools, the CornerPost Education Centre was asked to provide a similar service for Primary schools.
In 2011 we successfully delivered a small Primary Project in the afternoons which incorporated innovative sessions enabling the project to continue to evolve and pupil numbers to increase.
The move to our new premises allowed us to enhance our delivery to full-day placements for primary school pupils and to become an established, trusted and much respected alternative education provider in Tamworth and Staffordshire.
We have significantly increased our success rate of returning pupils to mainstream education.***** review this figure }
In the Academic year, 2015-16 Staffordshire County Council funded our programmes and Centre to provide alternative education with the specific aim of reducing permanent exclusions in primary schools.

Through this ground-breaking partnership and our innovative delivery, continuity of care and excellence of an established staff team we have so far supported 20 pupils return back into full-time education.

This has been made possible by the close working relationships that The CornerPost Education Centre has been able to nurture and develop with all the School’s, Head Teachers, parents/carers, and Staffordshire County Council that we work with and the acknowledgement from our partners of the commitment and excellence that we provide.

Family - Respect - Loyalty - Responsibility -Commitment - Integrity - Excellence